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Seminar on the Basics of Equitable Principles in Commercial and Estate Litigation

TLABC Vancouver’s innovative virtual joint seminar, “Making Equity Work for Your Practice”, provides an introduction to applying the principles of equity in both Commercial litigation and Estate litigation. Experienced practitioners from both practice groups will explore the  intersection of equitable principles in proceedings in both areas. 

An equitable practice is a creative practice. The goal of this seminar is to demystify the often highly academic principles of equitable principles in order to help you use these tools flexibly to solve your clients’ problems. 

“Making Equity Work for Your Practice” is co-chaired by Dan Parlow, Kornfeld LLP, and Candace Cho, Onyx Law Group. It will mark the first time that Commercial and Estates law are featured together in a joint TLABC seminar.

“We’re trying to be innovative and present something that’s never been done before,” Candace said. “The format is to bring together lawyers from both jurisdictions and then to try to figure out where there are intersections.

“There’s been a trend toward specialization and so people just keep to their practice areas. Specialization is good, but it can be dangerous when there’s overspecialization and you don’t realize there are intersections that you can benefit from.” 

Topics covered in the seminar will include remedial constructive trusts; substantive constructive trusts; equitable defenses – waiver and acquiescence; equitable liens and equitable charges – tracing; estoppel; equitable fraud; preservation of documents; and a hands-on, end-of-day forum discussion applying equity in a fact pattern analysis.

“The only textbooks out there on equity are by professors who often don’t practice law, so the whole point of this is to demystify equity because it’s really useful and at its root is to solve problems and make it fair. But if lawyers don’t understand the principles and how to apply them, then they just don’t use them and then it’s wasted,” Candace said. “You apply equity, which is super flexible, to adapt and make things right. The body of equitable law has developed in both jurisdictions, in both commercial and estate. That’s what we found was a good unifier when we decided to plan the seminar.” 

Dan Parlow is a commercial litigator and an active member of the TLABC. He has served on the Executive, the Board of Governors and various committees, and has been a frequent participant as a writer, organizer and speaker at many conferences and seminars. Dan has been a partner with Kornfeld LLP since 2010 where he works to resolve claims over commercial property, disputed investments, shareholder and partnership interests, trusts, and estates.

Candace Cho specializes in estate trusts litigation. Candace currently serves on the TLABC Board of Governors, and has given numerous lectures on issues of family, estate, and trust law. She is a Principal and Co-Founder of Onyx Law Group. 

This seminar is eligible for six hours of Continuing Professional Development, including one embedded hour of ethics. The link to register and view the agenda is located on the Trial Lawyer Association of BC website here: https://www.tlabc.org/?pg=events&evAction=showDetail&eid=78113

Dan Parlow and Candace Cho co-chairs of Commercial and Estate Litigation Seminar

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