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Kornfeld LLP Summer Student: Aron Csaplaros

Kornfeld LLP Summer Student: Aron talks about what it’s been like so far during the summer of 2020

Diversity of tasks and guidance from senior lawyers have been the highlights of Aron Csaplaros’ first two months as an articling student at Kornfeld LLP. The University of Calgary law student is the firm’s summer student this year. aron csaplarosa image Kornfeld LLP summer student

As a team member at a boutique law firm, Aron has had the opportunity to try his hand at a variety of tasks and topics. This included writing research memos on bankruptcy, corporate, real estate and insurance law, drafting a myriad of documents related to litigation and real estate, and interacting with clients.

“I’ve definitely improved my drafting skills, which I have not really used before in law school,” Aron said. “I’m also trying to work on my attention to detail, as I’ve come to learn, for example, that every part of a contract is important, and nothing can be overlooked.”

When looking for a firm where to complete his articling apprenticeship, Aron was especially drawn to Kornfeld’s portfolio of notable commercial real estate developments in Vancouver and beyond, and diverse clientele of both small and large businesses. The firm’s comparatively small size was also a big draw since he wanted to get more hands-on experience.

“I grew up in Vancouver and was attracted to the opportunity to be involved in the development of my city. I also wanted to get more experience in general business law,” Aron said. “I was also attracted to the idea of doing a lot of practical work and working closely with the other lawyers. I knew a lot of lawyers here are highly regarded and experienced, and I looked forward to the opportunity of working with them closely.”

While coronavirus has led to disruptions in court operations across the province, the Kornfeld office has continued to work as usual. Now even those lawyers who switched to remote work during the pandemic have returned to the office. For Aron, who has been in the office since his first day on the job, this meant that he was still able to get mentorship from experienced lawyers despite this summer’s unusual working conditions.

Kornfeld LLP Summer Student Aron said the firm is a perfect fit for students who are independent and curious about different areas of law.

“There’s no week-long orientation like some other firms might have, so I think it’s important for a student to be ready to start working from day one,” he said. “The assignments you get can cover different areas of law, so it’s important for a student to be comfortable with researching and learning about things they might not have even heard about. Finally, since it a ‘smaller’ office, every single person here feels like your colleague, so it’s important to be able to work well with others.”

To find out more about the articling program at Kornfeld, go to https://kornfeldllp.com/join-us/.

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