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Kornfeld LLP welcomes Nassim Baharian

Kornfeld LLP is excited to welcome Nassim Baharian as an associate in our litigation group. 

Nassim brings experience in a wide range of business and real estate related litigation, and has a strong track record of achieving success for her clients. 

Kornfeld’s reputation was a big draw for Nassim, she said. 

“While doing research for a matter involving the Real Estate Development Marketing Act, I read about an interesting case Shane Coblin was counsel on.  I soon started to notice that Kornfeld’s name comes up regularly with commercial litigation and real estate related cases. It seemed to me like this was something they were really good at, and it’s an area I’m interested in and passionate about. I’m very happy that I’m now part of this team”

Before completing a Masters of Laws at UBC Allard School of Law, Nassim practiced as a litigator for several years in Iran. She is fluent in English and Farsi. 

Community involvement is a big part of her practice. Nassim presents workshops and seminars on real estate and is a frequent contributor to FarsiMelk, a North-Vancouver based Farsi language magazine focused on real estate.  

She also offers community-based crash courses on employment policy, harassment and other business policies in local workshops and seminars around town. She tries to help new immigrants, many of whom are not familiar with local laws and regulations and who might otherwise make easily avoidable mistakes. 

As a junior lawyer, the mentorship that Kornfeld could offer was of paramount importance to Nassim. She said that in her first weeks at the firm, everyone has made her feel welcome.  

Another draw for Nassim’s practice in commercial real estate at Kornfeld is the opportunity to work on complex litigation files in a supportive and collaborative environment.  It’s the type of hands on experience that every litigator hopes to have.

Before joining the litigation department, Nassim helped develop an extensive report for the B.C. Government on financial technology in Canada and collaborated with a technology company on a project aimed at creating Artificial Intelligence based technology to assist financial institutions in detecting and reducing money laundering activity.  She delivered a presentation on artificial intelligence (AI) in the law to Kornfeld’s lawyers and students at our recent annual retreat in Whistler, BC.

Nassim has also studied the potential application of blockchain technology in the law and the current issues facing cryptocurrency as it takes root in an as yet largely unregulated environment.  Kornfeld is happy that we can provide Nassim with an environment where she can continue to pursue her interests and incorporate them into a successful litigation practice. 


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